ZLW was a Ship to Shore Radio Station located on the summit of Tinakori Hill, Wellington. Jamie Pye (ZL2NN) worked at the station during the 1960's and we recorded his, and friend's memories of the site.

Please use the links to the right to access the various historical records we have gathered.

  • ZLW History - a brief history of the radio station compiled from various sources.
  • ZLW Remembered - a series of information gathered from Brian Gallagher ZL2ADY, Warwick Purser VK4NN (was ZL2AMK) and Jamie Pye ZL2NN.
  • ZLW Maps and Pictures - several maps of how Jamie Pye remembered the site at the top of Tinakori Hill.
  • ZLW Closure 1993 - a photograph album supplied to us of the last transmissions from the station.

Note: The links will take you to the information hosted on our previous web hoster. This is to make sure we do not disrupt other references to the information in the future.

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